Return to the Rainforest (Part 6)

This photo is not staged! I turned around and this is what I saw.

When the work is done for the day, we like to play!

Our first excursion was a boat trip up the Sarapiqui River.  We taxied to the boat launch in town and then onto a tour boat with just one other family on board.  For two hours we travelled slowly up the swollen river, stopping to look at any and all wildlife we could see.  It was relaxing and exciting at the same time.  I was able to take seem good shots of birds, caiman, Howler monkeys, and a Two-toed Sloth.

Despite the constant rain, we have gone on a few night hikes in hopes of discovering snakes, spiders, and mammals.  It hasn’t been great and we mostly see spiders.  During the rainy season it seems that at night the animals hide away and are not out feeding as much.  There is still plenty to see during the day so it’s been satisfying.


Me on the bridge before heading to Tower #2

One particular day after lunch we were able to go with one of the La Selva staff to the towers.  We hiked out into the rainforest and climbed one tower, crossed a bridge, and climbed higher still on a second tower.  We ended up at about 46 meters and just at the tops of the trees.  The view was incredible, looking out over trees extending as far away as the mountains to the northeast.  The towers would sway in the wind, reminding me of being a child climbing as high as I could go in trees so that I too could sway in the wind.


Caiman on the river bank

When you are working indoors in a lab all day it is necessary to get out and do something to keep you sane.  These types of things are exactly what was needed to keep us motivated and happy.

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