In The Garden Today

04206BCF-88F7-4879-896F-7925B99C1BA5I’ve been thinking about how to keep using The Outside Within to cover more than just my photography and house older blogs about my outdoor experiences.  As I reflect on the past few years, the majority of my spring and summer outdoor time has been spent gardening. I think constantly about how growing my own food has made me healthier and happier. Not only do I get to watch my food grow right before me eyes, I get to enjoy tastes that no grocery store produce gives me! I have learned how to grow almost anything here in Colorado. I’d like to share these successes and failures and a few recipes I’ve come to love that can be made with fresh produce.

Gardening is most definitely one of those things you can do in life (outdoors) that impacts your well-being (within).  Check out the IN THE GARDEN TODAY tab for these posts.  Cheers!

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